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Collaborative Care Consulting
Elev8 offers consultation and support to healthcare organizations in developing strategies for optimal performance, growth and sustainability.

Through detailed reviews of your organization’s clinical and operational performance, our consultants are able to provide an in-depth analysis, identifying gaps between recommended standards and current practice.  We provide recommendations and implementation strategies to help you achieve your organization’s goals.

With years of combined experience, Elev8 is poised to facilitate positive change, conceptualize and implement innovative programs, assist in the development of individualized care plans; and provide leadership, teaching, and professional mentorship.


Consulting services include:

Going through an accreditation process can be daunting, so let us help navigate you through this process. We can help showcase your organizations adherence to standards and required organizational practices (ROP's) by:
  • Gap analysis of required standards and organizational practices
  • Assistance with creation/revision of organizational policies
  • Creating a road-map for success
  • Staff education
Manager and Executive Support
Licensed care facilities in British Columbia must adhere to the Community Care and Assisted Living Act, and Residential Care Regulations.  Licensing has a mandate through the Ministry of Health to protect adults residing and receiving care with in these facilities.  We can assist you with interpreting these regulations by:
  • Developing safety plans to address identified gaps
  • Assist with developing care plans compliant with licensing regulations
  • Develop in collaboration with staff-complex care plans to assist with managing and accommodating responsive behaviors, or other behavioral symptoms 
other areas of executive support include:
  • Policy and systems development
  • Quality improvement (QI)
  • Operational reviews and improvement plans
Building Resilient Teams
There has never been a more uncertain time with our staffing resources then now.  Staffing shortages, turnover and burnout are exasperating current team dynamics that will ultimately impact the ability to provide quality care. 
We could assist your teams with the following:
  • Resilient training for leadership teams and all members of your care community
  • Helping teams identify coping strategies to deal with stress and changing environments
  • Identify traits related to a fixed mindset verses growth mindset and how these can either negatively or positively impact team collaboration and performance.
  • Identify communication strategies that help the team focus on solutions 
Care Plan Development

Care planning increases safety, continuity and reduces the risk of harm while in care.  Residential care regulations require that all licensees provide a plan of care for residents residing in their homes.  

These regulations require that care plans be developed to address the following:  Medication, behavioral intervention, use of restraint if applicable, oral health, nutrition, recreation and leisure, consideration of falling, consideration of wandering, and orders related to the admission into the home.  

We understand how challenging and complex care planning can be.  

We can help you develop:

  • Case based approach-we will do an assessment and provide associated related staff education

  • Care plans compliant with licensing regulations (in collaboration with staff)

  • Complex behavioral care plans (in collaboration with staff)

  • Education to support staff in the development and ongoing maintenance of care plans

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