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Leadership/Nursing Practice Support
One way to empower and engage staff to the goals of your organization is to provide them with the skills, abilities and training to be able to do what they truly want to do -
provide the best care for the clients they care for.
MDS - RAI Training

One of the most important assessment tools in LTC nursing is the Residential Assessment Instrument (RAI) tool.   Understanding how it forms the basis of a resident’s ongoing health management, helps staff to individualize care planning and target specific clinical areas of further assessments for the resident. The RAI data also provides administrators with the level of detailed analysis needed to improve quality indicators and develop facility improvement initiatives.  Multiple informative presentations available, including: 

  • RAI Coding for RCAs, LPNs and RNs

  • Quality Indicators—quality improvement initiatives

  • Utilizing RAI outcome measures,  RAPs/CAPs in care planning

Leadership/Nursing Practice Support

Organizations know the importance of developing leadership skills in their employees, but the challenge is time and available resources to make it happen.  Let us help take the burden off the 'corner of your desk' and help foster education initiatives to support and empower your staff in being good leaders and followers. We can do that by:

  • Skill development

  • Learning plans

  • Team leader role training

Dementia Training

Anticipating the rising prevalence of dementia within the Canadian population and the growing demand for innovative LTC dementia care models, organizations require active education programs to provide their staff with the skills and resources to effectively care plan for these clients.  

Multiple informative presentations are available, including: 

  • Dementia Training

  • Care Planning for BPSD

Customized  Training

  • Training solutions customized to meet your needs

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